EPA-P3 Research Group


GroupThe EPA P3 Project Research Team
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The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s P3 – People, Prosperity, and the Planet project at Southern Illinois University is conducted by a team of enthusiastic students and a team of notable and highly experienced professors from diverse research background. The project’s faculty advisory consists of researchers from three engineering departments, biotechnology and Geology departments. Dr. Manoj Mohanty, a professor of the Mining and Mineral Resources, and a professor of the Biomedical Engineering program at SIUC is the lead principal investigator (PI) of the group.Like the faculty advisory team, the student team is, multi-departmental. The student team is lead by Mr. Meisam Peiravi and Mr. Louis Ackah.

The Team was awarded the first research grant ($90,000)  in 2011 at the National Sustainable Design Expo in Washington DC. At the successful completion of that project, the group was awarded another grant ($75,000) in the area of Rare Earth Element recovery from a waste material; coal ash.


The usepap3 project has so far helped immensely in furthering academic goals through the provision of research and student support in developing a collaborative program in the beneficial re-use of coal ash; a material mostly considered as waste. The positive results of the just ended usepa-p3 phase-I project affirms the applicability of a simple process flow sheet for extracting rare earth elements from coal ash. The phase-II project primarily targets to characterize more coal ash resources and to further investigate environmentally benign bioleaching and biosorption techniques.

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