Phase 2 Study

Proposed P3 Phase II Project

Based on the findings of the Phase 1 study, the Phase 2 of this project has been  proposed to:

  •  Develop a low-cost process flowsheet for extracting Iron oxide from high sulfur coal ash.

  •  Characterize the coal ash derived iron oxide powders and determine its application(s).

  • Develop a suitable process to utilize majority of the non-magnetic coal ash in the form of a geopolymer-based concrete which could potentially eliminate the use of Portland cement having a much higher carbon foot print and water need.

  • Develop a suitable chemical separation process to extract Aluminum, and Titanium oxides    from the coal fly ash and examine the process economics.

  • Educate present and future university students about the challenges of continued use of coal-based electricity and the commercialization potential of the holistic approach of dealing with the coal combustion residues proposed in this study.